Executive Committee:

President Melissa Blaustein, Sausalito  
Vice President Eli Hill, San Rafael  
Past President Brian Colbert, San Anselmo  

The Executive Committee, established by MCCMC Bylaws, shall consist of the President, Vice-President and the most immediate Past-President who is a member.  It shall serve in an advisory capacity to the President to help plan and organize the activities of the MCCMC.

MCCMC Bylaws, as amended and approved March 28, 2018

Legislative Committee:

Tiburon Alice Fredericks (Chair)  
Belvedere Nancy Kemnitzer  
Corte Madera Pat Ravasio Rosa Thomas
Fairfax Barbara Coler  
Larkspur Catherine Way  
Mill Valley Urban Carmel  
Novato Pat Eklund  
Ross Bill Kircher  
San Anselmo Alexis Fineman Steven Burdo
San Rafael Rachel Kertz  
Sausalito Joan Cox Melissa Blaustein
Staff Azalea Renfield  

The Legislative Committee, established by MCCMC Bylaws, shall consist of a Councilmember from each of the member cities, chosen by their respective City Councils, one city manager and one alternate city manager. Its duties shall be to review pending Federal and State legislation affecting cities and to take a position on the legislation consistent with a vote of the majority of the committee and the authority given the committee by MCCMC policies. Meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 8:00 AM San Rafael City Hall.

2024 Meetings: 2/26; 3/25; 4/22;  

2023 Meetings: 1/23; 2/27

2022 Meetings: 8/22; 9/26

2020 Meetings: 1/27; 2/24; 3/23 Cancellation Notice; 4/27; 5/26

2019 Meetings: 1/25; 2/25; 3/25; 4/15; 5/28; 9/6

2018 Meetings: 1/22; 2/26; 3/26; 4/23; 6/25; 8/27; 9/24; 11/20; 12/14

Mayors Select Committee:

Chair Kate Colin, San Rafael  
  James Lynch, Belvedere  
  Charles Lee, Corte Madera  
  Chance Cutrano, Fairfax  
  Gabe Paulson, Larkspur  
  Jim Wickham, Mill Valley  
  Susan Wernick, Novato  
  Beach Kuhl, Ross  
  Steve Burdo, San Anselmo  
  Melissa Blaustein, Sausalito  
  Jack Ryan, Tiburon  

The Mayors Select Committee, established by MCCMC Bylaws, shall consist of the Mayor from each of the member cities and the Executive Committee of MCCMC.  Its duties will be to form a consensus on and a recommended advocacy action for citywide and/or regional issues that directly and immediately affect all member cities and for which there is no other appropriate forum.

Meetings: 4/26/17; 4/24/19; 4/22/20; 4/28/21;  9/29/21;  4/27/22

City Selection Committee:

Agenda and Meeting Packets: 3/27/19; 4/24/19; 5/22/19; 10/23/19; 4/22/20; 6/24/20 ; 1/27/21; 2/24/21; 5/26/21; 4/27/22; 10/26/22

Announcement of Nominations Requested:   Metropolitan Transportation Commission: One (1) appointment to represent the County of Marin on the MTC. At its January 25, 2023 City Selection Committee meeting, the Committee will consider letters of interest received and will vote to forward up to three letters of interest to the Marin County Board of Supervisors for final consideration and appointment to a four year term commencing February 10, 2023. MTC Commission members may be elected or appointed officials, or members of the general public. Letters of interest request by Thursday, January 19, 2023. See announcement here

Ad-Hoc Committees: