Revised AGENDA


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hosted by the City of Sausalito

The Spinnaker Restaurant, 100 Spinnaker Drive

Sausalito, CA 94965



6:00 PM          Social Hour


7:00 PM          Business Meeting & Dinner


            1.         Call to Order:  President Shawn Marshall


            2.         Public Comment (Limit 2 minutes per person)


            3.         Welcome and Introduction of Guests:  Mayor Herb Weiner


            4.         Approval of MinutesMay 25, 2011 Meeting


            5.         Committee Reports (please limit your report to three minutes):

·         SMART (Joan Lundstrom)

·         Disaster Council Citizen Corps (Garry Lion for Len Rifkind)

·         Mayor’s Select Committee May 25 meeting (Jeff Slavitz/Pat Eklund)

·         Transportation Authority of Marin (Alice Fredericks)

·         Legislative Committee (Alice Fredericks)

·         League of California Cities (Nancy Hall Bennett)

·         Pension and OPEB committee (Larry Chu)


            6.         Other reports (please limit your report to 5-10 minutes)

·         BCDC – Bay Plan Amendment 1-08 (climate change) Update

·         RHNA distribution in Spheres of Influence (SOIs) – Tom Lai (Marin County Planning Department); Peter Banning (LAFCO)


            7.         Action Items


·         Shall MCCMC recommend that the cities share the $7,000 per year cost of support services for the Legislative Committee to be divided evenly among the 11 individual cities, with contract to be administered by the City of San Rafael? 


·         Shall MCCMC comment on the distribution of RHNA numbers within Spheres of Influence (SOIs), or shall comment be left to individual cities? If the former, shall MCCMC send a letter to ABAG in support of a 50/50 housing and jobs allocation between cities/county within the SOI for the 2014 RHNA cycle? 


·         Approval of MCCMC 2011-12 Meeting Calendar


            8.         Committee Appointments

·         SMART (Sonoma/Marin Area Rail Transit Commission) – (Nominee must be TAM commissioner or alternate, not from Novato or San Rafael; appointee will complete term of retiring incumbent Joan Lundstrom which expires in January 2015)


Nominations Received:    Stephanie Moulton-Peters

Nominations from the Floor:



9.         Election of President and Vice President MCCMC bylaws state that “Nominations shall be open and taken from the floor at the May meeting, and election of President and Vice President shall be held each year at the June meeting…for the term beginning July 1.”


·         MCCMC President for the 2011-12 term

Nominations Received:    Madeline Kellner



·         MCCMC Vice President for the 2011-12 term

Nominations Received:    Greg Brockbank, Herb Weiner



Voting procedures per MCCMC By-laws, Article VIII:



Section 1. Each member City shall have one vote. Voting may be by voice vote, unless a roll call vote is requested by any individual Councilmember. In a roll call vote, the representatives in attendance from each member city shall collectively cast the vote for their city. A majority of the votes cast shall be necessary for a decision.


Section 2. Advisory members shall be given the right to speak on any question, but shall not have voting privileges or the right to make a motion.


Section 3. Quorum: Attendance at a duly called meeting by at least one Councilmember from

each of a majority of the member cities shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of

all business of the COUNCIL.



7:45 PM          Program:  “America’s Cup Financial Impact on Marin County”

                        Speakers:  John Williams, Kimball Livingston and Kevin Diodge


8:30 PM          ADJOURN:  to next meeting hosted by the Town of Tiburon *



Upcoming Meetings:   No meeting in July or August – Happy Summer!


                                    New Meeting Year:

                                    *Wednesday, September 28 (hosted by the Town of Tiburon)