Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hosted by the City of Novato

City Council Chambers - 901 Sherman Avenue

Novato, CA 94945


6:00 PM          Social Hour


7:00 PM          Business Meeting and Dinner


            1.         Call to Order:  President Shawn Marshall


            2.         Public Comment (Limit 3 minutes per person)


            3.         Welcome and Introduction of Guests: Novato Mayor Madeline Kellner


            4.         Approval of MinutesJanuary 26, 2011 Meeting


            5.         Action Item - Appointments to fill 2011 Committee Vacancies


·         League of California Cities, North Bay Division, Executive Committee – (Greg Brockbank and Jonathan Leone, incumbent representatives; Madeline Kellner, alternate) – Brockbank was appointed 2nd Vice President, thereby creating an opening for another Marin County representative on the committee; appointments are made annually for calendar year;


Nominations Received:    Denise Athas; Madeline Kellner; Jonathan Leone [three openings – two representatives plus an alternate]

Nominations from the Floor:


·         Major Crimes Task Force – (Citizen representative Ed Schulz has served one year and is eligible for reappointment to a full, two-year term, beginning in odd-numbered year, 2011).


Nominations Received:    Ed Schulz

Nominations from the Floor:



            6.         Announcement of Current or Pending Committee Vacancies –

                        (Appointments to be made at March 23, 2011 meeting)


·         Marin Economic Commission – (Garry Lion, incumbent; three-year term, expiring in March; Commission recommends to Board of Supervisors economic policies and implementation measures for inclusion in Economic Element of Countywide Plan, etc.).


·         Disaster Advisory Council – (Len Rifkind, incumbent, was appointed to replace Susan Brandborg and has served one year of a two-year term, expiring in March; Council reviews, evaluates and communicates to decision makers and the public on all matters pertaining to disaster preparedness).



            7.         Committee Reports: (Not to exceed 3 minutes per report)

·         Major Crimes Task Force (Pat Eklund)

·         Transportation Authority of Marin (Alice Fredericks)

·         Legislative Committee (Alice Fredericks)

·         League of California Cities – (Nancy Hall Bennett)

·         SMART (Joan Lundstrom)



            8.         Other Reports: TAM (Regional Transportation Plan Needs Assessment)



7:45 PM          Program: “Enhancing Effective Crisis Communication for Elected Officials: Responding to Citizens and Gaining Trust”


                        Speaker:   Kelly Huston, California Emergency Management Agency                                           


8:30 PM          ADJOURN:   



                        Next MCCMC meeting is March 23 hosted by the Town of Ross

                        Deadline for Agenda Items – March 16, 2011 ([email protected])    


Upcoming Meetings:   April –Town of San Anselmo

                                    May – City of San Rafael

                                    June – City of Sausalito


League of California Cities, North Bay Division Meeting – February 24, 2010 in Sonoma County