Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hosted by the City of Belvedere

San Francisco Yacht Club – 98 Beach Road

Belvedere, CA 94920



6:00 PM          Social Hour


7:00 PM          Business Meeting and Dinner


            1.         Call to Order:  President Madeline Kellner


            2.         Public Comment (Limit 3 minutes per person)


3.                  Welcome and Introduction of Guests: Belvedere Mayor Jerry Butler


4.                   Incoming President’s Remarks and Recognition of outgoing President


5.                Approval of Minutes  - September 27, 2011 meeting


            6.          Adoption of Budget for FY 2011-12 – copies to be distributed before meeting


7.                Proposed Amendment to MCCMC By-laws [vote] – President Kellner

                        (a full copy of the Bylaws is attached to the packet)


Action: Shall Article VIII shall be amended as follows:


Each member city shall have one vote.  Voting may be by voice vote unless a roll call vote is requested by any individual Councilmember.  In a roll call vote, the representatives in attendance from each member city shall collectively cast a vote for their city.  In the case of a policy issue, roll call votes shall be cast verbally.  In the event of a committee, board, or other open seat sought by more than one councilmember, the vote may be cast by ballot, one ballot per city. The MCCMC Secretary will collect the ballots, tabulate them, and announce the tabulated result.  City ballots will be available at the end of the meeting for viewing by any MCCMC member.  A majority of votes cast shall be necessary for a decision.



8.            Announcement of Pending Vacancies 2011-12 – 2nd Announcement

(Appointments will be made at the November 17 meeting in Corte Madera.  Letters of interest should be directed to the MCCMC President, Madeline Kellner (letters received to date are included in packet) – See appointments procedure at end of agenda*


·         ABAG – 2 vacancies: Carole Dillon-Knutson, incumbent (not seeking re-election) and one open seat previously held by Shawn Marshall –

Two-year terms ending in June, 2012

Letter received from Pat Eklund included in packet


·         BCDC – Joan Lundstrom, incumbent (not seeking re-election; resignation effective October 15, 2011)

      Term Expiration - No set term limit

      (Appointment is made by ABAG to 27-member board)

      Letter of resignation from Joan Lundstrom included in packet


·         Cal-ID Remote Access Network – Barbara Thornton, incumbent (not seeking re-election)

Term Expiration – March 2012


·         GGHTTD – Al Boro, incumbent (not seeking re-election)

      Term Expiration – January 2012

(Appointment is made by Marin County Board of Supervisors)


·         LAFCO – Jeff Slavitz, incumbent (not seeking re-election)

      Term Expiration – May 2014


9.         Committee Reports: (Not to exceed 3 minutes per report)

·         SMART (Stephanie Moulton-Peters)

·         Transportation Authority of Marin (Alice Fredericks)

·         League of California Cities (Nancy Hall Bennett)

·         Legislative Committee (Alice Fredericks)


            10.       Correspondence – Town of Fairfax Invitation to Lew Tremaine’s retirement party


7:45 PM          Program: “The America’s Cup: A Southern Marin Perspective”

                        Speakers:  Adam Van de Water, Assistant Project Director, City and County of San Francisco

                    Leslie Alden, Aide to Supervisor Kathrin Sears


8:30 PM          ADJOURN:  to the next meeting in the Town of Corte Madera**

                        Deadline for Agenda Items – November 11, 2011 ([email protected])         



Upcoming Meetings: **Thursday, November 17 in Corte Madera (Please note alternate date)

                                    No meeting in December - Happy Holidays!



*MCCMC Bylaws


Selection of Representatives


Section 1. The COUNCIL’s selection of its officers and of appointees to the County, regional, and

other bodies, shall be governed by the following procedure:


a. When an election is to be held or when an appointment is to be made, letters of

candidacy will be received through the President, who will transmit names of

candidates to member cities. A complete list of candidates will be sent to each

member city prior to the meeting at which the selection of a representative or appointee

is made.


b. In the event no member seeks an appointment, the President will seek out candidates

for the position.


c. Nominations may be made:


1. Through the Executive Committee.


2. By a member of the COUNCIL from the floor at the meeting when the selection

is made.


3. No nominations from the floor will be accepted at a prior meeting.