Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hosted by the Town of Ross

Marin Art & Garden Center – Livermore Room

30 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard

Ross, CA 94957



6:00 PM          Social Hour


7:00 PM          Business Meeting and Dinner


            1.         Call to Order:  President Madeline Kellner


            2.         Public Comment (Limit 3 minutes per person)


3.            Welcome and Introduction of Guests: Ross Mayor Carla Small


4.            Approval of MinutesApril 25, 2012 meeting


5.            Appointments to Local and Regional Committees

·         Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) – Two term expirations:

      MCCMC Representative and Alternate (positions currently held by Barbara Heller and Herb Weiner) – Four-year terms ending May, 2012

      [Letters of interest included in packet]


6.            Announcement of Pending Vacancies on Local and Regional Committees

·         Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Executive Board – Two term expirations:  MCCMC Representative and Alternate (positions currently held by Pat Eklund and Dan Hillmer) – Two-year terms ending June, 2012


7.            Nominations for Executive Committee –  President & Vice President for 2012-13 Term

·         Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the May meeting and a vote by the membership will be held at the June meeting *


8.         Committee Reports: (Not to exceed 3 minutes per report)

·         GGBHTD (Alice Fredericks)

·         TAM (Alice Fredericks)

·         Legislative Committee (Alice Fredericks)


            9.         Other Reports



7:45 PM          Presentation:  Major Crimes Task Force – Today’s Fight for Tomorrow’s Future

                        Speakers: Lt. Don Wick and Sgt. Pierre Ahuncain, Marin County Sheriff’s Office


8:30 PM          ADJOURN:  to the next meeting hosted by the Town of San Anselmo

                        Deadline for Agenda Items – June 20, 2012 (      


Upcoming Meetings:   June 27, 2012 – Town of San Anselmo                                

                                    No meetings in July and August






Section 1. There shall be two officers, namely, a President and a Vice-President. Nominations

shall be open and taken from the floor at the May meeting, and election of President

and Vice-President shall be held each year at the June meeting, for a one-year term

beginning July 1, according to procedures outlined in Article VIII, Sec. 1.


a. President: Duties of the President are to prepare a budget, to coordinate and plan

business portions of the meetings, preside over meetings and sign correspondence

authorized and directed by the COUNCIL.


b. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the

absence of such officer.






Section 1. Each member City shall have one vote. Voting may be by voice vote, unless a roll call vote is requested by any individual Councilmember. In a roll call vote, the

representatives in attendance from each member city shall collectively cast the vote for

their city. In the case of a policy issue, roll call votes shall be cast verbally. In the event

of a committee, board, or other open seat sought by more than one councilmember,

the vote may be cast by ballot, one ballot per city. The MCCMC Secretary will collect

the ballots, tabulate them, and announce the tabulated result. City ballots will be

available at the end of the meeting for viewing by any MCCMC member. A majority of

the votes cast shall be necessary for a decision.