Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hosted by the City of Larkspur

American Legion Post 313, 500 Magnolia Avenue

Larkspur, CA 94939


6:00 PM          Social Hour


7:00 PM          Business Meeting and Dinner


            1.         Call to Order:  President Madeline Kellner


            2.         Public Comment (Limit 3 minutes per person)


3.            Welcome and Introduction of Guests: Larkspur Mayor Len Rifkind


4.            Approval of MinutesJanuary 25, 2012 meeting


5.            Announcement of current and pending vacancies on Local and Regional Committees (send letters of interest to MCCMC President)


·         Cal-ID Remote Access Network – One vacancy (position previously held by Barbara Thornton) - Two-year term ending in March, 2012 (and succeeding term)


·         League of California Cities, North Bay Division – One vacancy for MCCMC representative to Executive Committee (position previously held by Madeline Kellner who is now First Vice President) – Remainder of one-year term ending December 31, 2012


6.         Committee Reports: (Not to exceed 3 minutes per report)

·         GGBHTD (Alice Fredericks)

·         Transportation Authority of Marin (Alice Fredericks)

·         Legislative Committee (Alice Fredericks)

·         SMART (Stephanie Moulton-Peters)

·         League of California Cities (Nancy Hall Bennett)

·         ABAG (Pat Eklund)


            7.         Action Item:  Request by MCCMC representative Pat Eklund to send letter to ABAG requesting additional public workshops on Sustainable Communities Strategies (SCS) prior to March 2012 adoption


7:45 PM          Program:  Disaster Preparedness and Shared Services

                        Speakers: Susan Adams, Marin County Board of Supervisors,

                                           Christopher Riley, Emergency Services Manager, Marin OES

                                           Frank Cox, Marin OES, and Mayor Len Rifkind

                                           Jim Nantell, City Manager, City of Burlingame (Shared Services)


8:30 PM          ADJOURN:  to the next meeting in the City of Mill Valley

                        Deadline for Agenda Items – February March 21, 2012 (


Upcoming Meetings:   March 28, 2012 – City of Mill Valley

                                    April 25, 2012 – City of Novato

                                    May 23, 2012 – Town of Ross

                                    June 27, 2012 – Town of San Anselmo